LG Oven Air Fryer Not Working! Causes And Solutions

Is your LG oven air fryer not working? Is it taking forever to power up or cook your food? Five things are likely not right with the cooker.

The most obvious is a power breakdown. It could be a failure, or the gadget is not letting electric current inflow. Not only that, but also a technical hitch, unlocked door, operating errors, or your oven could be broken overall. As I found out, there are many other causes for an oven not working. Look at the details below.

Power Hitch

Whenever my appliance fails to power up, the first detail I scrutinize is the power flow in my house. A cut or disconnection will leave all your gadgets mute. It could be partial (in your kitchen or power source) or entire home.

For this reason, if your air fryer has stopped working, check other outlets to see if they have power or not. You can shift your LG oven gadget to another point outside your kitchen, for instance, in your dining room. It could be as simple as a tripped socket or junction box. All you need to do is turn on the main switch or change the broken socket.

Another possible cause for power failure in your air fryer could be the plug and its cord. These two connect the machine to the power source. It also allows electric current inflow so that your device can heat up. If the cord has bruises, cuts, and folds, the LG oven air fryer won’t work.

To resolve the issue, ensure there is power in your outlets and repair any damages on the cord and its plug intact. For a detailed inspection of power failure in your home, you will need an electrician. Remember that power failures and surges are some of the top causes of household fires in the US and other parts of the world.

Unlocked Door

Are there obstacles that are preventing your LG oven air fryer door from shutting? That will stop your appliance from working. An overfill or a loose hinge will also cause the door not to lock well. One of the dumbest things I did with my first air fryer was pile lots of food to cook a single batch. That doesn’t help as it causes the drawer not to close as it should.

In addition, your food won’t come out crunchy. No matter how hard you try, this gadget cannot work when the door hasn’t clicked in its place.

So, what do you do to get the LG oven air fryer working? The first thing to check is if you overfilled the unit. If so, the food is pushing the door open. But the levels might be correct, meaning it isn’t an overfill. Don’t panic. Just check the door for defects.

As I said earlier, a warp or a loose hinge will also prevent the door from closing. So, you need a repair or a replacement, depending on the damage. Luckily, LG company has service centers that offer part replacement services. Check with the nearest service station and take advantage of any available warranties or offers.

Operating And Control Board Errors

When you have a new appliance, it takes time to learn and master the operating processes. For instance, to turn on the air fryer mode, you must select air fryer. If you do not turn the knob to make the proper selection, your air fryer will not work. If you just bought your LG oven air fryer, take a moment to learn its interface.

You can read the user’s manual or watch similar videos from the product’s site. That will set you up to use your gadget without errors. For control board errors, you need a tech to check the panel and its tiny wiring system. 

Technical Errors

Technical errors are common in air fryers and similar appliances. They occur whenever the operating systems undergo updating. The updates leave hitches on your device and may shut you out. It is easy for techs to identify such issues, but other users may need help.

The best way to do this is to reset your LG oven air fryer. That can be a regular exercise. You can also do it whenever your gadget troubles you. It clears errors such as frozen screen, fan not working, and air fryer not heating.

Manufacturing Defects

More often than not, users buy appliances that have factory defects. The LG oven air fryer is no exception. Such errors will not let the equipment function as advertised. The air fryer may power on but won’t work. Other moments, it turns on, but the errors will allow you to cook a meal.

Factory or manufacturing defects are complex and may not vanish without the origin error resolution. Your best option will be to call LG and ship the item back for correction or exchange.

Old Appliance

Like humans, machines do not work forever. They have lifespans, and that includes the LG oven air fryer. After years of serving you, your gadget will have grown weary and accomplished its work. The process is progressive and begins with the oven’s parts failing, e.g., the dials, fan, and heater. It can escalate to multiple parts failure. Eventually, the air fryer will stop working. All the above are symptoms of an old piece of equipment.

Start planning on buying a new oven air fryer, as an old appliance is ineffective and expensive to maintain. While you plan to replace your gadget, also arrange how to dispose of the unit responsibly. I prefer dropping my obsolete gadgets at dealers near me. LG has many centers where you can also drop your old oven air fryer. If not, call them.

Final Thoughts

There is no more straightforward cooking method than air frying, and that’s through the LG oven air fryer. The unit is versatile and offers many cooking prompts. It is also a sleek appliance to own. If the gadget isn’t practical or working, it is useless.

But that’s not the end of the road. Simple tricks can work, especially if you establish the cause. Find out if your oven air fryer came with manufacturing defects or if there is a power cut. If not, it could be operating, technical, or mechanical errors. If the mistakes are mechanical, do not attempt to repair your gadget. Call the LG company for the best advice.

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