How To Change Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit?{Gourmia, Cosori, Instant Pot, Nuwave, Nuwave Brio} (Try THIS Fix First!)

One of the burning questions I get on my blog is how to change the air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Familiarity with Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees and vice versa is a fuss. Fahrenheit is a standard temperature scale in many gadgets and recipes in the United States and other countries. If you are more accustomed to this reading, you may find it challenging to understand and work with Celsius degrees.

To add salt to the wound, the recipe compatibility in most American publications is in Fahrenheit temperatures. The fact is, there are thousands of exciting recipes with Celsius temperatures you may want to try. So, you will need accuracy. Hence, this guide is to make your cooking enjoyable. Master the steps for changing Celsius to Fahrenheit in different air fryers. 


Air fryer operations differ with brands and models. So, it would be unfair to cluster the process of changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit for all models. We will look at the top air fryer in the US for you to select the one that suits your gadget.

At the bottom, we have a general way to change the air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit in other units. The most crucial action is following the manual’s manufacturer user directions.

Let’s begin!

How To Change Gourmia Air Fryer Celsius To Fahrenheit

With this unit, the process is a 1-2-3 step.

  • Get hold of the temperature control knob on the air fryer. On the panel, it features “Temp/Shade.”
  • Press and hold it for a few moments.
  • Release the knob and check the readings. They should be in Celsius to Fahrenheit. You can do the same to change to Celsius temperatures.

 How To Change Cosori Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit

The Cosori digital display has Temp/Time.

  • Hold while pinning down the Temp button for 3 seconds. Your Cosori air fryer will beep and indicate Fahrenheit temperatures. Reverse to Celsius by repeating the same procedure.

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How To Change Instant Pot Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit

This air fryer uses the TEMP button on the control panel.

Once you turn on the air fryer and Start/Off button, locate TEMP.

Pin it down for five moments until there is a beep. You will get Fahrenheit temperatures.

The vice versa will display Celsius temperatures.

How To Change Nuwave Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit

 The Nuwave air fryer uses a combination of Temperature and SEAR knobs to Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit temperature readings.

  • Press the SEAR and Temperature buttons (the decreasing arrow) simultaneously.  
  • Your Nuwave gadget will display Fahrenheit temperature. If it is not, check if you pressed the arrow correctly. If you press the increasing arrow, it won’t change.

 How To Change Nuwave Brio Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit

  • The Nuwave Brio air fryer has different calibrations from the Nuwave air fryer. 
  • Begin by pressing the Start/Off button to power the unit.
  • Pin down and hold PROGRAMS and TEMP simultaneously until the Nuwave BRIO displays Fahrenheit temperatures. Be keen on the button combination and press them at the same time.  

General steps on how to change air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit 

  • On your air fryer control panel, locate the C/F button 
  • Press the toggle to switch from the default Celsius to Fahrenheit temperatures.
  • If you want to change the Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius, press the C/F and start cooking!

Dos And Don’ts When Changing Air Fryer From Celsius To Fahrenheit

I have gone through five air fryers and their steps for change from Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees. Those are only a handful! I may not have touched on your air fryer, as dozens of models exist. Nevertheless, you have the general steps. Feel free to use any process that fits your air fryer model. These processes are not complete without dos and don’ts.   

  1. Consult your model’s instruction manual: Pressing and holding the wrong buttons when changing your air fryer from Celsius to Fahrenheit can cause further mix-up. If the above steps are complex, consult your model’s instruction manual or call the product support desk for assistance.   

2. Follow the proper procedure: Follow the steps I outlined above, and if you are not sure, you have the manufacturer’s guidelines. Stick to the one that is your specific air fryer.

3. No guesswork: If you do not know the process, avoid assumptions. Call the experts: manufacturer to ensure that you follow the correct procedure.

4. Do not change the temperature mid-cooking: For accuracy purposes, stick to the temperature setting you started with. However, you can begin the process afresh by turning off the air fryer and restarting it.

This interference might bring undesirable results. There is always a second chance. Complete the cooking process and change the temperature to Fahrenheit when cooking your next batch or session.

5. If possible, make Fahrenheit the default temperature: Some air fryer models allow you to make the Fahrenheit temperature as default temp. Refer to your user manual or enquire from the manufacturer if possible.  

6. Don’t operate a hot air fryer: Besides safety concerns, changing your default temperature when the unit is a potential danger to your device. The sudden adjustments can affect internal mechanisms and controls. Also, you may control accuracy when the air fryer is hot. Leave the gadget to cool down before doing any setups.