How To Turn Off The Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer?

You may need to turn off your Emeril Lagasse air fryer for several reasons. The most obvious is when the cooking process is over. At the end of your cooking, and when the timer is at 0.00, the air fryer will turn off, prompting you to unplug it. However, you may need to switch off the oven before the timer countdown clocks at 0.00. 

The reasons for turning off your air fryer include checking your food’s cooking progress, flipping to enhance even cooking, and completing the cooking process to prevent overcooking. You may also turn off your Emeril Lagasse air fryer to add ingredients such as salt, to adjust the temperature or time, or to avoid drying or burning.

If your air fryer shows signs of overheating or smoking, turn it off to prevent accidents. How to perform this simple task?

Check these three methods;

  • Method 1: Automatic Switch-Off

The first method is an automatic shut-off. The oven’s inbuilt mechanism is to turn it off when the cooking time is over. 

  • Method 2: A manual Switch-Off

This technique involves manually switching off the air fryer. Press down the power button. The illumination will be off, including the LCD. Unplug the oven and leave the appliance to cool down. The cooling process will take about 10 seconds.

  • Method 3: Turning Off The Switches

If an emergency occurs, following the entire switching-off process may not apply. You must act fast to prevent fire or accidents. This method requires you to get to the wall socket and switch it off. Unplug your air fryer and also turn off the main switch. Call the emergency response team if there is a fire.

Note: For fire outbursts, grab a towel or blanket, damp it, and cover your air fryer before turning off the switches. Evacuate and proceed to call 911 for emergency fire response.

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