Do Toaster Ovens Cause Cancer?

Do toaster ovens cause cancer? This scare is age-old and continues to crawl into people’s minds. The cancer risk from kitchen appliances is a sad reality. That oven you use all the time may blow up to a more serious health concern than you have ever thought. 

Toaster ovens can cause cancer! Hence, the reason for this intensive study on the carcinogenicity of toaster ovens. We will expound on the safety of this common appliance. Also, we will dive deeper into the black body and infrared radiation in these ovens.

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Do Toaster Ovens Use Radiation?

Do Toaster Ovens Use Radiation

One of your biggest fears when you come across the term “radiation”, is cancer. But not all radiations are dangerous. Primarily, unsafe waves are those that contain radioactive elements. If you didn’t know, the waves that are likely to cause life-threatening conditions such as cancer include;

  • Alpha rays
  • X-rays
  • Neutrons
  • Gamma rays
  • Beta rays

The above radiation is present in nuclear power plants. Also, you will find them in atomic weapon testing centers. You will also get X-rays in your health facilities, but they cannot harm you. The waves are electromagnetic and help determine broken bones. 

Remember to alert your doctor about your pregnancy. X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging can harm an unborn baby. Learn more about radioactive elements from various materials online.

While still in physics class, toaster ovens use radiation for cooking food. But the waves will not harm you. Toasters do not use energy such as gamma, beta, alpha, or X-ray machines. It uses infrared rays. 

That’s why the infrareds are not in the above list of unsafe radiations—the manufacturers design toasters to heat using waves. The machine has coils that glow red and produce the rays. 

When the electric current flows into the gadget, the metal plates warm up and emit energy. It works like a light bulb and so will cook gently and consistently.

These waves dry and sear your food to a golden surface. Again, the heat is free from harmful waves and does not cause cancer.

So, what is likely to be harmful in a toaster oven? The answer is nonstick coating elements that may be present in your appliance. Some manufacturers use poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon). 

The above chemicals are cheaper to use as coatings on most kitchen appliances. That includes toasters, microwaves, and other similar gadgets. 

Unsafe non-stick coatings come with a huge cost to human health. Scientists categorize them as carcinogenic. That is, the layers have cancer-causing substances. The chemicals may not radiate, but they are poisonous. 

Also, these coatings are more dangerous and contain the following chemicals;

  • PFNA – Perfluorononanoic acid
  • PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • PFHxS – Perfluorohexane sulfonate
  • PFHxA – Perfluorohexanoic Acid
  • PFDA – Perfluorodecanoic acid
  • PFOS – perfluorooctane sulfonate
  • PFBS – Perfluorobutane sulfonate 
  • PFOA – Perfluorooctanoic acid  

The terms should not surprise you! Many toaster ovens are safe and do not expose you to cancer. Before placing your order, do a thorough study and learn about safe appliances. 

You do not have to master the above scientific terms, but it is prudence to read warnings on appliances. Honest manufacturers indicate the type of coatings they use on their products. Also, you can look out for the Prop 65 warnings on all products in California outlets. That is if you live in the state. 

If you have any problems identifying such ovens, speak to our team of experts. We will give you honest reviews on safe toasters that radiate the perfect infrared heat. That way, you will enjoy safe, brown, and crusty bread. 

What Is Better Than A Toaster Oven?

Until recently, I didn’t know that my toaster oven was replaceable. The idea of doing away with a machine that has improved boring blocks of loaves is unimaginable. For decades, families have enjoyed yummy crusty bread courtesy of toasters. 

I bet that I’m not alone! You can also attest that a toaster oven is irresistible. But cutting-edge technology is replacing most conventional appliances. A toaster oven is replaceable! 

What can be a better alternative to a toaster oven? We have two appliances that can be a toaster;


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Modern microwaves have more exciting features than traditional ones. An example is the microwave toaster combo. It comes with abilities to toast, heat cook, and grill food. You will find the oven with more safety features and settings. 

If you aren’t sure of the safety of using a safe toaster oven, consider a microwave oven. Your family will still enjoy the irresistible crusty brown bread. Buying a combo appliance is also a perfect way to declutter your countertop.

Air Fryer

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An air fryer is one of the newest kitchen appliance innovations. It is a modern appliance whose functionalities are a combination. The cooker will cook, toast, heat, and grill your food like a stand-alone gadget. 

Shop wisely and enjoy an all-in-one appliance. Also, you will love its compatibility and versatility. Like the microwave, the air fryer declutters your kitchen counter. 

Get rid of stand-alone kitchen machines, like meat grills, pressure cookers, microwaves, et cetera. Buy an air fryer with multi-functionalities so that you can optimize cooking options.

But as we detailed earlier, ovens are safe, but only if they have no poisonous nonstick coatings. Some air fryers have toxic coatings. The microwaves, too, may have unsafe levels of radiation energy. 

Some of the surest ways to know that your gadget is safe are by opting out of generic brands. Beware of suspiciously low-level toxic elements on an appliance. Also, non-specific warnings on the devices may signify unsafe gadgets. 

Before purchase, check the list of non-toxic coatings on the ovens. If unsure, buy stainless steel, ceramic, or glass cooking appliances. The same applies when you are purchasing a toaster oven. If you live in California, be keen on Prop 65 warnings. 

In the state, a missing Prop 65 warning on the toaster means that it is safe for use and its use cannot cause cancer. If you get hold of the warning, walk away and get a safe alternative.

Is A Toaster Black Body Radiation?

Black body radiation is a term that explains objects that glow when hot. The hot object emits a light spectrum which makes the surface appear black. An example of black body radiation is your toaster’s heating element. A similar example is a light bulb filament. 

A significant characteristic of blackbody radiation is the ability to absorb light wavelengths. It does so without reflecting. So, at the lowest temperature, it will appear black. 

When the temperature of the object increases, the glow turns blue from red. So is there any problem with your toaster’s black body radiation?

Up to this point, you already know that a toaster is black body radiation. That’s the mechanism behind its heating and toasting design. It is a black body that does not reflect any light but absorbs it. 

The only setback with black bodies is that they affect your thermal comfort. Your toaster won’t. At least, it will help roast your bread into a perfect brown crust.

Does A Toaster Oven Give Off Radiation?

Toaster ovens emit infrared radiation from the coils inside the appliance. The coils have a live current from the power outlet that helps them to produce heat.

Luckily, the type of radiation from a toaster oven is in tiny amounts, so your food is safe. The radiation in your toaster dries up the bread and makes it brown and crusty. 

Do you doubt the safety of your toaster oven? Unless it contains harmful coatings like the ones we discussed earlier, there is no need to worry. The appliance manufacturers follow optimal safety protocols.

Once you buy an oven with no carcinogenic coatings, follow the safety instructions. You will hardly expose yourself to any dangers. Be sure to buy PFOA, PTFE, and PFAS-free toasters to prevent exposure to toxic substances. 

Does Radiation Occur In An Oven?

We are still learning more about radiation in toasters. Does it occur in other ovens? Without radiation, most ovens will not cook. The hot airflow in ovens occurs by natural or forceful convection. 

Heat distributes with the help of the fan from the heating element. The radiation is not at high levels like in X-ray and Gamma ray machines. 

Usually, the radiant heat flows from the top and bottom of your appliance. Cooking will take place depending on the time and temperature you set on the controls. It can also depend on the type of oven, which includes convention and convection designs.

And, so radiation occurs in your oven, but the levels are too low to cause any harm to you. 

Does Toaster Have To Be Infrared Radiation?

Radiant heat toasts your bread into the perfect crunchy surface that you enjoy. The heating process involves a hot coil that flows red and produces infrared waves. These waves gently toast the surface of the bread. So, the radiation is not harmful. It is a safe infrared light that comes from electrical energy. 

We can compare the waves to the sun’s rays. Usually, the sun’s rays do not burn instantly but heat gently. Continuous heating will cause sunburn on your skin. That’s how your toaster functions; the infrared waves heat at a constant heat quality and speed. Also, more radiation means faster heating. The toasting process on your bread is consistent whether the rays are low or high.

Using other types of heat may not be consistent, so your bread will burn and not come out as brown and crusty as you desire. Also, microwaving your bread in the regular oven may not yield brown and crusty bread.