Why Is My Microwave Popcorn Not Working?

Depending on your model, one of the premium features you get is popping corns. The feature can pop all your kernels in minutes. You get to enjoy all the gourmet flavors that you love. But that’s not the case! The popcorn feature is on the blink. Most of the kernels are intact. What could be the issue?

If your microwave popcorn is not working, the energy could be low. Also, your kernels could be old or stale. A wrong container or tiny bag may stall the popcorn feature. There are more causes. Find them below;

1. Low Wattage

Popping requires a higher wattage above 500W. If your microwave’s power exceeds that, the kernels won’t pop. You may need to check the cause of the low power. Your power supply could be overloaded, or the microwave has malfunctioned. An electrician can help resolve this issue by testing the continuity and wattage and rectifying any faults.

2. Old And Dried Out Kernels

If you have years-old kernels, they have probably dried out and won’t pop. Popcorns burst due to pressure when heat burns the moisture in the seed. If you store grains for a long, the water evaporates, dries out, and cannot pop. Fresh kernels pop better.

Only keep your kernels for a short time; if you must, ensure that you put them in an air-tight container. That way, they do not go stale or dry out. If you suspect your kernels are dry, preheat your microwave with a cup of water before the process. Remove the water and place your grains. The vapor will add moisture to the kernels and enhance popping. 

3. Wrong Container

Wrong popping container or bag may flop the process. Check the container that is suitable for popping your kernels. There are unique microwave bags for this purpose. The bags comprise per-fluorinated compounds that keep moisture and oil intact. You can also acquire a silicon popcorn popper bowl.

The popper is unique with temperature-safe glass, among other premium features. Use a microwave-safe glass bowl if you do not have a per-fluorinated bag or silicon bowl. Your kernels will still pop.    

4. Refrigerated Kernels

Refrigerating kernels causes drying. And if the seeds dry out, they have no moisture content, so they will not pop well. The easiest and best way to store kernels is in an air-tight jar to prevent moisture loss. Keep the container in a cool place like your basement.

If you have refrigerated kernels that you want to pop, don’t throw them. There is hope. Rejuvenate the dry seeds by adding little water. Shake the container until all the grains are wet. Keep the air-tight jar in a cool place for three days. The corns will pop. 

5. Wrong Popping Instructions

There are many kernel brands in the market, so they come with different popping instructions. The choice depends on preference and what is available in your stores. When you get home, read the instructions before popping. Do not assume that all kernels have the exact directions on the kernel packaging.

Following the directions can make a difference. Master the cooking time and temperature to get a fluffy and perfect outcome. 

If you are not sure, call the company or follow the below general instructions:

  1. Remove the plastic wrap.
  2. Place the popcorn bag at the center of your microwave. Take note of the side that faces down (there are arrows on the pack).
  3. Set your microwave at medium-high heat for three minutes, i.e., 500W – 800W. Alternatively, You can set the heat to 800-1000W for two minutes.
  4. Once the popping slows, stop the microwave. The slowing could be about a pop every three moments.
  5. Open the popcorn bag to allow out hot steam.

Tip: Do not leave your kernels unattended during the popping process. Stop the oven immediately if you smell a burning smell or see dark smoke.  

Why Is My Microwave Popcorn Not Working

Why Does The Popcorn Button Exist?

When you want to pop your kernels, the popcorn button will tempt you to press it to make fluffier and great-tasting corn. But you will learn here that the button will fail to deliver excellence. Why, then, does it exist?

The popcorn button exists to give you a one-press cooking method. With this button, you do not have to guess the correct time and temperature for popping your corn.  

With a popcorn button, you can press it once to pop your bag of kernels. You can also adjust features such as humidity, popping time, and temperature depending on the directions on the bag. You may have features like the automatic steam sensor depending on your model. They respond depending on the popcorn’s progress.  

While that’s the button’s sole purpose, it is not helpful. Therefore, some kernel packaging directs you not to use the popcorn button. You might even get a microwave model that forbids you from using the popcorn button. That leaves you questioning why the button exists. Find the answer below.

Why Does Microwave Popcorn Say Not To Use The Popcorn Button?

Some people think the popcorn feature is a marketing gimmick. With all the praises that come with a microwave, you will most likely possess one. You will base your selection on more features and the ability to get your meals ready with a button.  

When the popcorn packaging or microwave directs you not to use the popcorn button, that’s skeptical. But you must understand that you should not trust this button when making popcorn.

The reason your microwave popcorn says not to use the popcorn button is the grains are from the same manufacturer, so the cooking time and temperature may differ. Any error will give you half-popped kernels or burnt grains, so if you trust and press the setting, you will get undesirable results.  

The proper process is to follow the directions on your popcorn bag. Never trust the microwave popcorn button unless you want burnt offerings!

Here are your takeaways on not using the popcorn button;

  1. The kernels undergo different processing, so follow the guidelines.
  2. Different microwave ovens have distinct presets and preheating times.
  3. Power on different microwave ovens varies.
  4. The age of your microwave affects its wattage and ability to pop kernels.
  5. Some microwave ovens cannot detect when food is burning. The preprogrammed popcorn buttons will not gauge your kernel’s moisture, so burning is probable.

Even if you have the most sophisticated oven on your countertop, disregard the popcorn button. Follow the preparation guidelines on the packaging to get authentic results.

How Long Is The Popcorn Button On The Microwave?

Microwaves vary, and so do their features. Some are more sophisticated and even have a moisture/steam sensor. The general design for the popcorn button includes running for 2:30 minutes. Some even run for less time. 

Beware that this timer isn’t perfect, as it takes a long time to pop kernels. In most scenarios, the feature gives you burnt results. If you must use this feature, listening to the pops is the most authentic way to monitor your kernel popping process.

The pops will be many and super-fast initially but slow down to a single pop per second. At this point, take your popcorn out, as they are now ready for munching. That should take a few minutes. 

But as I said earlier, do not trust your microwave’s popcorn button. However fancy the machine is, it may not give you good results. Avoid pressing the popcorn button and follow the package directions to pop your kernels. 

Are You Supposed To Press The Popcorn Button?

The initial design of a microwave is to cook your food without much effort. But the popcorn button is one of the features you may never use in your oven. Although it is a provision for a one-touch popcorn cooking method, on most occasions, it fails.

So, you have to use your brainpower when popping kernels. The directions on the kernel package are easy to follow and won’t give you a hard time. With the instructions, you are not supposed to press the popcorn button. Doing so will flop the process and give you undesirable results. Even if your microwave says you press the button, disregard those directions. Follow the simple instructions on the kernels package.

Are You Supposed To Press The Popcorn Button

How Do You Make Popcorn In The Microwave Without A Popcorn Button?

The popcorn button on your microwave may not help make your favorite snack! Making that stubborn bag of kernels into fluffy and crispy popcorn requires more effort. You have to go through the directions on the popcorn bag. Rushing to press the button may give you scorched or hardily popped-up kernels.

Regardless of your model, you will not rush to press that straightforward button. Follow this general procedure;

  1. Pour your popcorn into a brown paper bag. Some popcorn brands come ready with the popping bag. All you need to do is peel off the plastic wrapping.
  2. Place the bag overturned in a microwave-friendly bowl so that the bag remains elevated for smooth popping.
  3. Set your microwave at high power. Cook for 2 to 5 minutes. You should monitor your popcorn to tell when the popping slows.
  4. When popping stops, remove your popcorn and enjoy.