Why Is My Black and Decker Blender Not Spinning? 6 Key Issues and Troubleshooting

Blending your tasteful smoothies is one of the happiest moments you can enjoy in the kitchen. Like any other important job, you are required to use the best blender. Like me, I am a fan of using a black and decker blender due to its versatile outcome.

What about you? I hope this applies to you as well. Nonetheless, there are times when you face harsher realities of life when your appliance ceases to function when you are in the middle of your blending. So what do you do when the black and decker blender is not spinning?

There are different reasons why your blender stops spinning. Such issues include tripped circuit breakers, a machine not plugged in, a bad power cord, and motor burnout. Besides, there can be jamming of blades, or an intelligent system trips the blender system. Reading this article to the end will help you know the blender problems and how to fix them. read more.

6 Reasons Why the Black and Decker Blender Is Not Spinning and Solution

There are different reasons why your black & decker kitchen appliance can stop working.

  1. Intelligent System Tripling the System

Intelligent systems power the black and decker appliance. The gadget shuts off in a few minutes and pulse and crushes function after seconds. In this scenario, you will find a display of LEDs showing EE.

How to fix the problem

The entire system must be disconnected if such a problem occurs. Besides, you need to wait for a few seconds to see the reactions.

  1. Unplugged Blender

This is one of the common mistakes you expect from many people. Sometimes due to rush, you can forget to plug in the appliance. Also, the connection can become lost in some instances.

How to fix the problem

Make sure the power cord is plugged into the functioning electrical power outlet.

  1. Tripling of Circuit Breaker

After plugging in your black blender, check the breaker box. There are chances the circuits might be overloaded.

How to fix the problem

Labeling the breaker clearly on the breaker box is needed.

Also, label it as tripped or not and whether it is used in the kitchen.

You also need to flip the breaker if it is tripped.

Seek the assistance of a qualified and licensed electrician when the problem is complex.

  1. Burnout of the Motor

Burning the blender motor is the worst thing that can happen to your blender. More attention is required to make sure your blender spinning is back.

How to fix the problem

Motor replacement is needed. Here you need to do a bit of soldering. A qualified professional is recommended for this process since it is more complex.

Depending on the blender model, you can check whether replacement is needed though it is more costly.

  1. Wrong Power Cord

It is important to check the power cord that is connecting your blender. In many cases, the appliance cords are in kinked states and therefore have wire in the protective cord, which is a sleeve break. Check the major bends or folds to understand whether the issue affects the power cord.

How to fix the problem

First, you must remove the cord from the base and change it. Use the owner’s manual to guide you on whether it requires soldering.

  1. Jamming of the Blades

A black and decker blender blade handles so much. Therefore, it will work continuously without cleaning them after use. This can cause gunk to build on the blades if washing does not occur. as a result, the jammed blades will stop turning well.

How to fix the problem

You need to disassemble the assembly of the blender base. Then check whether anything is building up inside the casing or around the blades. Any substances sticking should be removed thoroughly.

The next step is to reassemble your blender. Then plug it in and try to use it once more.

Ensure thorough blender cleaning is observed after every use and ensure the blades are not overloaded to avoid jamming.

Call on action

First, it is good to know that the black and decker blender is a complicated appliance. Thus it is vital to be more careful while handling the blender repair process. If you have no idea how to fix the issue affecting your food blender, a qualified technician will be your help.

This is important to ensure no damages are incurred when fixing the problems. However, following the above guide, you will gather more ideas for simple fixes. You will get it spinning again by figuring out what is happening to your black and decker kitchen blender.