Ninja Vs Power XL Air Fryer! Differences & Which Is The Best?

Recently, I got hold of two close contenders in the air frying world, the Ninja air fryer and the Power XL air fryer. These two gadgets rule the air fryer market. The most common feature is the rapid air technology, which comprises a heating element on the top of the machine. This heater radiates heat on your food. And with the help of a super speed fan, it spreads consistently, thus cooking your goodies to perfection. 

However, there is a wide variance between the Ninja air fryer and Power XL. Besides the two gurus coming from different manufacturers, the features, designs, and capacities are distinct. Let me share my thoughts on how these air fryers stack against each other. First is the comparison table.

Comparison Table: Ninja Vs Power XL Air Fryer

Key FeaturesNinja air fryerPower XL air fryer
Manufacturer (Brand)SharkNinja Power XL
Temperature range50 – 450 F degrees120 – 400F degrees  
Cooking TechnologyMax crispRapid air technology
Controls Digital Digital 
Non-stick coating YesYes
Baskets Single, Dual, and FlexiSingle and dual
Accessories YesYes
Preset programsYesYes
Removable air fryer basketYesYes
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Ninja Air fryer

Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps,...40
  • LESS FAT: Up to 75% less fat than traditional air frying methods....
  • MAX CRISP TECHNOLOGY: Delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook...
  • XL CAPACITY: The 5.5 QT ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper...
  • 7-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Includes 7 versatile cooking programs: Max...
  • EASY CLEANING: The ceramic basket is both nonstick & dishwasher safe.

Ninja is a common household name, so its air fryers are a product of several innovations. The company makes other home appliances, including blenders, coffee makers, outdoor ovens, grills, Ice cream machines, and more. Every Ninja kitchen appliance product boasts advanced features, sturdiness, and durability. So, let’s start with the air fryers’ design and build. 

During my testing and comparison with the power XL air fryers, I chose the three common brands: flexi-basket, 2-basket, and single-basket. The dimensions are 18.19” x 11.81” x 11.26”, 17.1” x 13.9” x 12.8”, and 14” x 11” x 14.75” respectively. Undeniably, the above sizes indicate compact appliances that fit well on any countertop, including the smallest.

Whether in operation or storage, a ninja air fryer won’t occupy much space in your kitchen. 

Still, the brand offers user-friendly control panels with various preset cooking options. The air fryers function by Max Crisp Technology, a high-heating convection innovation that can cook food with 450 F degrees of superheated air. Also, the temperature range is wide (105–450 degrees), thus enabling you to cook various dishes.

With the above cooking technology and temperature range, the unit cooks food faster than most air fryers. This is the appliance to select for health-conscious diets as it delivers food with little or no oil.

Ninja Air Fryer Key Features

  • Ceramic-coated basket
  • Max Crisp technology
  • Temperature range: 105–450 F degrees
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 120 volts

Ninja Air Fryer Pros

  • High-end air fryer with optimal durability.
  • The Ninja air fryer offers a variety of capacities. 
  • It has a nonstick surface and accessories.
  • The accessories are dishwasher-safe and easy to wash by hand.
  • Versatile.
  • User-friendly with simple controls.
  • Affordable.
  • Sleek appliance.

Ninja Air Fryer Cons

  • Limited cooking capacities.
  • The Ninja air fryer’s plastic body makes it look cheap.

Power XL Air fryer

PowerXL Air Fryer 7 QT Maxx Classic, Extra Hot Air...40
  • Power Air Fryer XL Maxx by PowerXL, the #1 best selling brand of air...
  • LED digital display panel with 7 one-touch presets - air fry / French...
  • 1700-watt rapid air technology from PowerXL Power Air Fryer XL Max...
  • 7-qt nonstick fry basket with innovative air crisp vents provides...
  • Crisper tray insert catches crumbs and drips, helping to keep the...

In our comparison, we also have the Power XL air fryer. It is a Power XL brand. Like the Ninja air fryer, this unit has a solid build and is also a beast for air frying. It also delivers food with up to 75% less oil than deep fryers. You can even opt to cook with no oil.  

Its innovation includes an advanced Rapid Air Technology, which circulates superheated air around the food. The result is a crispy outer layer, while the internals are juicy. This technology eliminates excessive oil in food by using little or no fat. The unit is thus a great way to promote healthier foods without sacrificing flavor, nutrients, and texture. 

While testing the unit, I found the Power XL air fryer dashboard easy to use. It is intuitive and offers precise controls that include the temperature and timer. When testing, I customized the features to my cooking preference.

Let me talk about versatility. The Power XL air fryer extends beyond air frying. Various pre-sets include air frying, roasting, baking, and grilling. All these cater to different culinary preferences, simplifying the cooking process. So, you can grill succulent steaks, roast ribs, dehydrate vegetables, and bake delightful desserts.

This unit has safety features, including an automatic shut-off function and cool-touch handle, which enhance the overall user experience. Also, cleaning up is hassle-free, thanks to the Power XL non-stick coat on the unit’s internal surface, cooking basket, and crisper tray. These and other accessories that come with the air fryer are dishwasher safe.

Power XL Air Fryer Key Features

  • Non-stick coating
  • Rapid air technology
  • Digital controls
  • Preset programs
  • Plastic/metal body
  • 120 – 400F degrees temperature range
  • Auto-shut off

Power XL Air Fryer Pros

  • Sleek design.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.
  • Compact size for trim storage options and countertop space.
  • Larger capacity than Ninja.
  • Intuitive control interface.  
  • Performs as per the description.
  • Highly recommended.
  • Versatile unit with multiple cooking presets. 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Budget-friendly.

Power XL Air Fryer Cons

  • Due to its large size, the Power XL may take a larger countertop and storage space than the Ninja air fryer.
  • The Power XL is not as appealing as the Ninja air fryer.

Similarities Between The Ninja And Power XL Air Fryer

When comparing the above air fryers, I noted several similarities that will help you sail through the buying process;

  1. Temperature Settings

Both machines provide an adjustable temperature setting for precise controls. Though their range differs, you can adjust as the units offer flexibility for various recipes.

2. Timer

The timer feature for both Ninja and Power Xl air fryer is similar. It has a countdown of 60 minutes. So, you can adjust the time depending on the menu. When the timer is 00.0, the unit’s whistle will alert you to check if your food is ready. If not, you can add more minutes for perfect doneness and even cooking.  

3. Quality

One of the reasons you will get mixed up by these two air fryers is their material quality. Both have high-grade materials that include plastic and metal. In addition, they are solid, and they do not break easily. However, you should take care of the appliance and guard it against impact and falls. Any of the two units will serve you for a couple of years before replacing.

4. Cooking Performance:

Both Ninja and Power XL are excellent cooking performers. They deliver crispy, even, and delicious results. The gadgets utilize a convection airflow system that blows over your food with the help of a fan and cooks it to perfection. Your food is crispier and more tender than any other cooking method. For optimal performance, follow each menu’s time and temperature recommendations. 

5. Non-stick Coating

There is nothing that bothers me, like pots with a sticky surface. Cakes and chicken stick while cooking and come out defaced or burnt. It’s even worse when cleaning, as you have to scrub intensively on all the accessories. Also, the process damages the shiny and smooth surfaces.

So, having a nonstick-coated option is essential. For these two air fryers, you can’t go wrong. They come with soft and safe nonstick coatings. Your food won’t stick in the basket, coming out intact without tearing. Cleaning both appliances and their accessories is hassle-free; you can stash the baskets and trays in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

6. Versatile Preset Cooking Programs

Having a dozen appliances on your countertop adds no value to your kitchen. Your countertops are often crowded, leaving no space for other tasks. But you can rub off the problem by adding a versatile appliance with several cooking options. Both the Ninja and Power XL do that for you.

Depending on the model, these two appliances take away the dehydrator, microwave, grill, oven, and even a pressure cooker; in short, they can dehydrate, bake, broil, sauté, steam, air fry, grill, roast, pizza, and more. The only obstacle you will face is that air fryers have a smaller capacity than dedicated appliances. 

Differences Between The Ninja And Power XL Air Fryer

The Ninja air fryer differs from Power XL in many ways; the first is its brand and capacities. I will take you through the significant differences.

  • Manufacturer/brand

These two air fryers come from distinct manufacturers. The Ninja air fryer is a SharkNinja product, while the Power XL belongs to Power XL, a Tristar kitchen appliances line of products. Each of these companies has a reputation for making quality appliances that endure high heat, up to 400 degrees F, thus essential for frying, roasting, heating, and much more.  

  • Appearance

Being from different manufacturers, these two appliances cannot look the same. They are distinct in appearance, color, interface, and other physical features. Each air fryer has a brand name on its face for proper identification, so, there is no confusion as you can distinguish the two units by their brands. 

  • Capacities

The capacities for these two air fryers vary. The Ninja models have sizes ranging from small to medium, thus offering a variety of choices. On the other hand, the Power XL has large air fryers for generous cooking capacities. If you are looking for a small-capacity appliance and have fallen in love with Power XL, it may not satisfy your desire. But you have a choice on the Ninja Air Fryer series.

  • Components

Though the two air fryers have almost similar functions, their components differ. The accessories have different shapes and features. Also, the power ratings, voltage, and wattage are different. But the bottom line is that each air fryer comprises quality materials and a decent build. Both have a reputation for performance, durability, and lengthy performance.

  • Material

The Ninja air fryer consists of plastic material, which some users conclude is substandard for such a brand. However, I have a contrary opinion. The plastic body in the ninja air fryer doesn’t spell low performance. The material is heavy-duty and doesn’t break. Also, it is an insulator component that prevents the surface of the countertop from getting hot. 

On the other hand, the Power XL is a darling to many. That may be due to its metallic body, which people perceive as more durable than plastic. Though there are plastic features in the body, the material is reinforced and durable. Therefore, the unit is superior in body composition, but both air fryers tie in performance. 

  • Temperature Range

The more expansive the temperature range in cooking appliances, the more cooking options there are. This range accommodates more menus, including those that require low and high temperatures. For example, dehydration requires low temperature for extended periods(up to 24 hours).

On the flip, roasting requirements include high temperatures for a short time (up to 20 minutes)

  • Cost

Despite the Ninja and Power XL air fryers performing duplicate functions, they do not cost the same. After visiting several physical and online stores, I discovered that it is easier to get hold of a Ninja air fryer than the Power XL and at a lower cost.

While there are many differences between the two air fryers, their functions are the same. The Power XL cost is higher than the Ninja air fryer, which could be because of perceived value, product features, production costs, and other reasons. 

Verdict: Ninja Air Fryer Vs Power XL Air Fryer 

Though from different manufacturers, the Ninja and Power XL air fryers offer almost similar features. They are magical devices as they deliver tasty, crispy results. The Ninja is compact, making it ideal for smaller kitchens. It also offers options from the smallest to the largest air fryer. Its presets and ease of use are a plus for any home chef, beginner or experienced.

On the other hand, the Power XL’s larger capacity is a perfect choice for family cooking. It is a versatile appliance and offers more cooking functions. While the Ninja is budget-friendly, the Power XL’s added features justify its slightly higher price.

Choosing the right air fryer depends on your kitchen size and cooking needs. I’d lean toward the Ninja for smaller spaces for simplicity, but if you’re cooking for a crew, the Power XL‘s extra room is handy.

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