How To Remove Sur La Table Air Fryer Door?

After using your Sur La Table air fryer for a while, you must do an intensive cleaning. Cleanup is one of the unit’s maintenance processes, and it enhances long life and performance. In addition, the unit is free from grease, food residues, and dust. To rip off the dirt, you need to remove your Sur La Table air fryer door and thoroughly clean it.

This guide helps you to remove the door without damaging the unit. All you need is a screwdriver and time to set apart the door. The below process applies to the oven type of air fryer.

Learn here how to do it in simple steps;

Tools For Removing Sur La Table Air Fryer Door

  • Screwdriver
  • Bowl for placing the screws and other hardware


  1. Removing the back panel: The first step to removing the door is to set apart the back panel. It is the board that grips the red and blue cables. Untwist the screws to ensure that your air fryer’s base is free.
  2. Lift your air fryer’s back to detach the base. Once you lift, the base will pop off to make the hinges visible.
  3. Remove the two screws from the hinges.
  4. Slip the hinges out and then remove the door.
  5. Clean your Sur La Table air fryer.
  6. Refix the door and enjoy your cooking with a clean appliance free from grease and food residues.

Final Words

Maintaining your Sur La Table air fryer is a crucial part of the maintenance process. To ensure that the unit is sparkling clean, you may need to remove the door to remove grease and food residues. Use the above instructions, and remember to remember gentleness. Be gentle when removing your Sur La Table air fryer door. Being harsh will damage the components. Happy Cleaning!