How To Preheat Sur La Table Air Fryer? 4 Simple Process

Sur La Table air fryers are compact and sleek. They also come with high performance, excellent ergonomics, and quality build. Behind this zealous performance is advanced technology and engineering. This combination gives you a crispy outer layer while maintaining the food’s internal moisture.

But there is one condition that guarantees you the above results: You must follow your air fryer’s user instructions. One of the rules is to preheat your Sur La Table air fryer, which is a must. It involves circulating super-hot air in the air fryer’s cooking chamber to prepare it to start cooking food right away.

The heat removes moisture from the food’s surface, giving it a golden brown and crispy exterior. So, how do you execute this function on this air fryer?

Read and follow these simple steps.

Step-By-Step Process For Preheating Sur La Table Air Fryer:

  1. Remove your air fryer from the box and set apart its accessories if it is still unpackaged.
  2. Clean the oven with a wet and soapy tablecloth. Wipe the interiors (cooking chamber) and then the exterior surface and rinse with a clean, damp fabric.
  3. Reposition the basket, connect your Sur La Table air fryer to the power source, and set it at 350˚F to 400°F. Preheat the unit for three minutes (without food). That’s the standard heat and period for preheating many air fryer models. But if your Sur La Table gadget is the oven type, add two minutes for sufficient preheating. Also, the time depends on the food you are cooking and the wattage. Potatoes, hamburgers, and fries require less preheating time, and meat needs higher temperatures and more time.
  4. Once the preheating time is over, your air fryer is ready for cooking. Some models beep while others do not. Once the time is over, place your food in the basket and select the cooking time depending on your menu. If you choose the presets, it is automatic. The oven will set the time and temperature for the specific preset program.

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Benefits Of Preheating Your Sur La Table Air Fryer:

There are nine reasons why preheating your Sur La Table air fryer is necessary;

  1. Preheating perfects texture, flavor, browning, and crisping.
  2. Thick chunks of raw meat, frozen bones, and steaks cook effectively.
  3. Preheating quickens the cooking process, thus saving power and time.
  4. The process allows consistent cooking.
  5. The cooking time and temperature are accurate when you preheat an air fryer.
  6. Preheating enhances food safety. It ensures perishable foods attain a safe internal temperature more quickly than when you do not preheat. This process minimizes the risk of bacterial growth and foodborne illnesses.
  7. If you are baking with your air fryer, your dough will attain the perfect leavening. O 
  8. It preserves food moisture.
  9. When you preheat the cooker, you prevent soggy bottoms.

How Long Does It Take To Preheat Your Sur Lar Table Air Fryer?

The preheating period for the Sur La Table air fryer differs with size, wattage, and the recipe’s cooking temperature. The smaller the basket, the less time it takes. Also, oven-toaster air fryers take more time to preheat because they are significant. 

When it comes to wattage, it is the opposite. The higher the power, the less time it takes to preheat. The reason is that higher wattage means quick heat generation and distribution, hence less preheating time. For instance, an 1800W Surla table air fryer oven will heat faster than a 1200W basket air fryer. 

Follow the chart below to preheat your air fryer correctly:

Air fryer sizeTemperature rangePreheating time
Small basket300 degrees F and below2 to 3 minutes
Medium basket 300-350 degrees F3 to 4 minutes
Large basket/toaster oven350 -400 degrees F5 to 6 minutes

Parting Shot

Preheating in all Sur La Table air fryer models is crucial. It is effortless and sets your oven ready for the primary cooking. Use the above chart, and, most importantly, follow your air fryer’s instructions. The process will save you energy as your recipe takes less time.

Also, the time and temperatures are accurate upon preheating the device. Other benefits include perfect internal moisture, texture, flavor, browning, and crisping. Happy air frying!