How Do You Melt Ice Quickly?

Generally, pouring hot water on your ice will melt it. The heat will raise the ice’s temperature and give undesirable results. Melting the cubes in a microwave will also take ages. If you are in a hurry, you want to melt ice quickly and maintain a cold temperature, and there are ways to do it.

Process Of Melting Ice Quickly:

  1. Put ice cubes in a bowl and leave them on the countertop. It will melt faster at room temperature. The reason is the heat energy in the room breaks up the ice crystals and turns them into cold water.
  1. Sprinkle salt on the ice and watch it melt faster than leaving it at room temperature. Salt reduces the freezing point. The chemical in the salt mixes with liquid water on the ice, interferes with crystals, and so quickens the melting process. Remember, salt changes taste! If you intend to chill your cocktail, don’t spread ice.
  1. This method sounds barbaric, but you can speed up your ice-melting process by holding the ice in your palms! It will be chilly, but you will watch it melt faster because your body temperature is warmer.
  1. Dip ice in a glass of water and watch it chill the drink. It will melt faster because the water is warmer than the ice. But you have to fully submerge the ice so that the heat in the water works on your ice progressively. If you are in a hurry to gulp down your drink, try cupping your hands around the glass. It can help speed up the melting process.
  1. Use a cloth to melt your ice. When you wrap the ice in your kitchen cloth and place it in a bowl, the cubes will melt faster. The process is even faster if you set the bowl in direct sunlight. It will take a few minutes to get the cubes into the water.
  1. Warm water melts ice at a super speed. Drop the plain ice cube in a cup or bowl of water, and they will melt in seconds.
  1. What if it is frozen food? Use your microwave’s defrost setting and follow your food’s thawing process. The packaging indicates the details for thawing depending on weight and time. If you are not in a hurry, place the food in an empty bowl and let it melt slowly at room temperature. Depending on the density, it can take hours to defrost your food.

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