GE Profile Microwave Touchpad Troubleshooting!

Ge microwaves come with touchpads that make it easy to maneuver around the cooking programs. The pads are similar to those on your tablet or mobile phone. So, when the touch feature stalls, you are in deep trouble. You cannot select any program. 

There are several steps to ensure smooth troubleshooting of the GE Profile touchpad. These include cleaning the screen, inspecting if there is power, or resetting the oven to clear glitches. You can also examine if the pad has scratches that may indicate damage. There are more steps to check, as I will explain below. Ensure you follow the order from the most obvious to the most technical.

Clean The Screen

Dirt, including grease, dust, and food residues, can interfere with the touchpad functionality. So, your microwave could be dirty, hence the issue. The most straightforward action to respond to a non-responsive GE Profile touchpad is cleaning the screen.

Remember that the feature is extra sensitive to moisture and scrubbing, so you will not bring in a dripping cloth or a scourer to do the job. Look for a soft towel, dampen it, and wipe your touchpad clean. Leave the touchpad to dry before testing if it is working.  If not, there may be no power in the house.

Inspect Power

It could be a simple hitch in your power connection! Are the other gadgets powering up? How about the bulbs? Are they lighting up? These questions will help analyze whether there is power in your house. Check the main switch for a tripped socket to solve the issue. What if there is power, but your GE Profile touchpad remains frozen? It could be a technical hitch. Read below how to resolve this.

Reset The Microwave

Each electronic in your home comes with an operating program in its control board, including your GE Profile microwave. It includes settings and a memory to operate according to its purpose. These programs keep on updating to keep the appliance functional. This process is automatic and set by the manufacturer.

The gadgets may experience a hitch that stalls most functions whenever an update occurs. One of the most affected is the touchscreen. Resolving the issue isn’t as complex as the explanation above. Reset your oven by unplugging it from the power. Leave it to reset itself before connecting it back. The issue should be over. If not so, check for touchpad damages.

Check Out For Scratches And Other Physical Damage   

What is your touchpad’s condition? Does it have scratches or cracks? Such damage to the touchpad can cause it not to respond. Scrubbing any part of your microwave with a scourer causes scratches that damage the touchpad. In addition, impact due to falls and misuse are all culprits for nonresponding touchpads. The solution is to replace the damaged pad. This task requires a tech. Ensure the replacement only includes the oven’s original parts to avoid further trouble.

Examine The Lock Functions On The Oven

Some GE Profile microwaves have lock functions such as child lock to prevent unauthorized use. Check if you turned on the lock. Switch it off to allow the touchpad functionality. If it isn’t working, it could be a more technical issue. Check below for more faults.

The Switch Control Board Could Be Faulty

The switchboard carries your GE profile microwave’s memory and more detailed functionalities. This fault requires that you bring in a technician to diagnose the issue. They will check the switchboard and tiny connection to the touchpad. If faulty, the feature is replaceable. 

It’s A Factory Fault 

Some faults in appliances occur during the manufacturing process but escape undetectable. They reveal themselves during usage. Fortunately, it is easy to rule that your microwave is malfunctioning due to a factory fault. The touchpad, among other features, won’t operate as you expect. It is best to call your dealer or manufacturer and explain the issue. They will ask you several questions and offer a solution.

Obsolescence Has Not Reverse

Old is gold, but not always. If you have used your GE appliance for almost a decade, it’s time to let go. The most common signs are non-responsive touchpads, among other failures. Plan for another unit as obsolescence has no reverse. Spending money on an obsolete appliance is more expensive than buying a new one. 

Parting Shot

GE Profile microwave touchpad troubleshooting shouldn’t be an uphill task. It could be as simple as cleaning the screen or checking the power source for connection. The steps should follow from the easiest to the most technical to avoid lengthy and tedious processes that cost you money. Keep learning simple troubleshooting tips for other appliances, including dishwashers, washers, air fryers, dryers, and more. Read more on this website. Good luck.