10 Common Costway Air Fryer Troubleshooting 

Congratulation on owning a Costway air fryer! You can now whip any gourmet recipe, including French fries, pizzas, BBQ pork ribs, and much more. The sleek machine provides healthy cooking options for deep-fried foods and smoky grills.

You must learn a few tricks to operate this oven without tears for a kickstart. Costway air fryer troubleshooting tips set you off on your air frying expeditions. Learn here how to fix different errors super easy!

Costway Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

There are several troubleshooting errors that you will encounter with your new oven. One of the errors is an air fryer that won’t turn on. It may not be the first error that you will encounter with this air fryer.

More air fryer hitches include, stuck buttons, non-functional fan, and others. Your user manual may not give you complete guidance on how to fix this problem. But we always recommend following the document and the prompts, dos, and don’ts to run your appliance smoothly. In addition, refer to these tips whenever you get stuck.

  1. Inspect For Power Connectivity

Power disconnection happens all the time in our neighborhood. Often, we get notifications from our providers of an expected blackout. We forget about it and only remember when our appliances have failed to turn on. The electricity backup generator may also be experiencing hitches.

Take your time to inspect your power supply for possible disconnect. You could engage a specialist to check your generator or call the main supplier. Sometimes, power lines break due to strong winds or storms. Anything is possible. Ring them!

2. Determine If There Are Circuit System Faults

These faults occur in your home and may in no way be related to the major power supply. Your circuits, sockets, junction box, and switches require regular inspection and maintenance. Relying on century-old electrical circuits will cause inconveniences while operating your devices.

The system cannot withstand multiple connections, so it requires an upgrade. If you are unsure how old your house’s circuit system is, it is time for upgrading. Call the specialists to make recommendations.

3. Plug in Your Costway Air Fryer

We are all surrounded by imperfections. A simple error like forgetting to plug your Costway air fryer can cost you an expensive trip to the service canter. It can also cause you an uncomfortable and embarrassing call to the manufacturer.

Learn simple machine operating processes like those with your Costway air fryer. Master the turning-on techniques and never experience disappointing episodes like failing to plug in your air fryer. Understand how the plug head works and its components to prevent simple but costly mishaps.   

4. Inspect the Socket and Plug

The power supply, circuit, and appliance are well-plugged into the wall source, but they won’t turn on or sound! It could be the socket, and the plug is defective—your socket isn’t allowing the power to get into the plug. Or the plug is dead and won’t let power go through.

For a broken socket, you need to test its continuity. Maybe the terminals are not working, or the wires have blown off. Whatever the reason for discontinuity, you need a new socket. Move to an adjacent socket as you plan for replacement.

The plug head terminals may also be defective or the fuse. Unscrew the bolts to set it apart and inspect its components. If you find a broken fuse (it will appear brown or black), exchange it with a new one.

Inspect the pins to ensure they are not shaky or broken. Tighten the terminals and screw back the case. But while on the socket and plug, scrutinize the cord next.  

5. The Electric Cord

The plug head takes power into your Costway air fryer from the plug head. It is insulated to prevent power leakage, shock, fires, and burns. While in use, the cord bends, twists, and may break.

 It is easy to spot a worn-out cable. If rats and mice chewed it, the dents are still visible. Using a broken, chewed, and the physically worn-out electric cord is risking your life and kitchen fire outburst. Your appliance deserves a new cable to turn on and function effectively.  

6. Are the Controls Functional?

Your Costway air fryer controls may be defective—That’s the motherboard for the power button, among other functions. When you press the power button, it relays the information to the control for effective turning. That is not happening, so the control board could be a problem. You need to have a specialist check the issue.

A loose terminal, worn-out knob, or broken control board will not let your Costway air fryer turn on. An effective practice for home appliances, including your air fryer, is to conduct a full servicing session after a certain period of service. 

7. Insert the Basket and Fully Close the Door

A tilted basket will not let you close your Costway air fryer door perfectly. And that causes a failure to turn on. It isn’t a design flaw but a way to keep you safe when cooking. Your food boiling when the drawer opens can burn you and your loved ones. And so, you have to keep the door locked. Determine why your door can’t be closed and watch out for.

  • Loose/broken hinges
  • Overfilled basket
  • Blockages in the chamber
  • Stuck drawer components.

Failure to close the door will keep your air fryer mute, so learn the operating procedures for your Costway appliance in your user manual. You can also read our guides on how to turn on your air fryer. 

8. Air Fryer Update Bugs 

Update bugs are common in computers and phones, and electrical appliances—the bugs attack when your machines update their application programs or shortly after. Fortunately, the bugs are not as destructive as the ones that affect your computer.

You don’t need an antibug software to clear your air fryer virus. Resetting will do the magic and leave your Costway air fryer back in operation. Disconnect the pot from the power source and leave it for half an hour or less.

Reconnect, and check if it turns on. You can make it a regular maintenance procedure by resetting your Costway air fryer to factory defaults. That clears the memory and gives your appliance energy to serve you better.

You Are Using Faulty/ Wrong Components

Replacing damaged Costway air fryer components with faulty or wrong ones can cause your air fryer not to turn on. An example is the air fry crisper basket. It will not match your appliance if it is larger or smaller than the original Costway air fryer basket.

The basket will tilt or pop up, preventing the door from closing. And as we highlighted earlier, an ill-closing drawer cannot let your air fryer turn on.

Another major concern with the wrong accessories is the material composition. Your Costway air fryer will reject mismatching components. When making replacements, ensure that you purchase from the company’s outlet or order from the factory. 

9. Design Flaw or Counterfeit Appliance

Defects may occur during processing and escape undetected during quality inspection. Your air fryer could be defective and leave the factory without the systems detecting the error. The manufacturer has a provision for returning/recalling faulty appliances to safeguard the user. They best know how to deal with defective devices and will replace them for you with functional ones.

Other troubleshooting tips for Costway air fryer and fixes

Costway air fryer models have distinct troubleshooting errors. The table below will help you to resolve the issues, but will depending on the model you have on your countertop. Keep reading!

Fan not workingFix power continuity issues.Inspect the fan base.Clear obstructions, including loose wires and broken components.    
Air fryer is not heatingCheck and fix the thermostat.Replace the element.Buy a new cableReplace the plug fuse.Fix power continuity.
Stuck knobsClear lint on the base.Replace worn-out knobs.Fix the terminals.Resolve faulty control panel.
Display not workingWait for power to resume.Examine the motherboard.Replace a faulty control panel.
Costway Air fryer not connecting to Wi-FiResolve router issues.Download your air fryer app on the phone.Update an old app.Confirm the app’s password.
Costway Air fryer smoking whiteReduce the liquids from your air fryer.Trim the fats and oils from your food.
Costway air fryer smoking blueIndicator for melting wires and other components.Switch off and inspect for a short circuit.Consult Costway air fryer manufacturer.
Air fryer smoking blackIndicator for overheating burning food.Switch off your air fryer.Remove food from the basket.Cook at the right temperature.Use less oil for air frying.
Error codesRead your Costway air fryer error codes and learn how to resolve each one of them independently.


There you have your Costway air fryer troubleshooting. You have no excuse but to whip the best recipes for your loved ones. The oven is durable, easy to operate, and has a warranty to safeguard you from manufacturing defects. Contact the Costway consumer support team for a detailed recommendation for any complications.