Big Green Egg Thermometer Not Working! Causes And Solutions

I have come across many food thermometer brands in my kitchen appliance and tools surveys and research. None stands out like Big Green Egg models. These thermometers are high quality, easy to read, and work with precision. You can achieve perfect cooking temperatures and even maintain them.

But when the Big Green Egg thermometer is not working, you are in for a disappointment. You cannot gauge your food temperature nor know when your meal is ready. Guessing your food’s doneness is risking your health. You can contract foodborne diseases. But I wouldn’t wish that to happen to you, hence this guide. Find out here why your food probe is not working. 

  1. Improper Usage

Have you placed your Big Green Egg thermometer correctly? Failure to insert the probe in the correct position will indicate the error. Also, you must use the thermometer according to the manufacturer’s guide. Here are some of the guidelines you will find in the probe’s packaging;

  • If you cook roasts and steaks, insert the unit into the thickest part.
  • Do not slide the thermometer into the fat or touch the gristle and bones. Doing so will give you inaccurate readings.
  • Wait for the unit to stabilize as it will take a few moments to do so. The leave-ins and oven thermometers have a recommended time for stabilizing. 
  • Measure multiple locations to ensure that your food achieves uniform cooking.
  • Master your Big Green Egg thermometer model before using.
  • Check the display or the scale for accurate reading. 
  • Observe the thermometer’s safe minimum internal temperature for different dishes.  

2. Unpaired Device

Have you paired your digital thermometer with your internet device? If not, you might think that the unit is working. For example, the Bluetooth Dome Thermometer works after syncing your phone app. If you haven’t synched it, it will not record any reading. Learn how to use the Bluetooth technology on the Big Green Egg thermometer and the app on your phone.

What if the device is not pairing? Ensure its battery has a full charge and the charging cable is original. You can talk to your manufacturer or the dealer if the app support isn’t working. They will guide you on troubleshooting tips or ask you to return the gadget for correction. 

3. Defective Thermometer

Your Big Green Egg thermometer may not be working due to physical damage. One of the possibilities is a broken cable. The cables may not be visible as they are inside the probe, but once they get damaged or broken, the unit will stop working. This error happens when you swing or twist your probe. Its tiny electric wires can snap to the point of breaking.

To avoid damage, use your probe for the right task. Jamming doors, unscrewing nails, etc., can sever your food thermometer. Avoid dropping your unit on hard surfaces, including the countertop and the floor. Secure your Big Green Egg thermometer in its sheath or protective cover when storing it.  

4. Dead Battery

Mostly, food thermometers use lithium batteries. With time, the batteries lose their vigor and cause the units to stop working. The battery can wear off even before the probe reaches its final user. That happens after manufacturing to the store shelf. So, if you acquired a Big Green Egg thermometer and it’s not working, check if the battery is working before you engage a technician.

5. Water Ingress

When cooking food, you experience moisture in the kitchen or the pot. Sometimes, it is in excess because of the steam and its condensation process. The result is a wet environment that can sip into the thermometer. This moisture is not dangerous as it causes rust in the circuit board. Once the board rusts, its accuracy fails. The dials are wrong, and the unit may stop working. You can avoid water ingress in your thermometer. Follow several guidelines below;

  • Check your Big Green Egg waterproof rating before buying and using it.
  • Inspect your thermometer’s seals to ensure no wear or damage. 
  • Do not submerge your thermometer if it is not waterproof.
  • Clean your probe with a wet cloth and dry it with a clean one.
  • Store your thermometer in spaces free from high humidity.  
  • Use a protective sheath to guard your thermometer against moisture.
  • Replace old and damaged probes.

6. Failure To Calibrate

Have you calibrated your Big Green Egg thermometer? If not, that could be the reason why it is not working. The calibration process involves adjusting your probe thermometer so that it gives you precise readings. This procedure depends on the type of the unit.

Calibrating a digital thermometer is easy as the process is automatic. The probe has a feature where you press it, and the automated process calibrates the gadget. Alternatively, if yours is a manual Big Green Egg thermometer, perform a manual adjustment in any of the below processes;

  • Place your unit in ice-cold water and adjust the Celsius degree to zero.
  • Place the probe in boiling water and change the Celsius degree to 100.

What if your probe does not calibrate after trying the above processes? Hold your thermometer’s head and turn the hex nut. Move the dial in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Remember to follow your model’s Big Green Egg thermometer guidelines.

7. Dirt 

Another common cause for your Big Green Egg thermometer not working is dirt. Fat, food, and other dirt accumulation on the metal probe interfere with the readings. You need to clean the gadget according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Suppose you are unsure how to dip it in alcohol and then rinse it with clean water. Always clean the unit after use to prevent damage and accuracy due to dirt.  

8. Tech Glitches

All electronics, more digital thermometers, experience technical glitches. If your probe experiences this error, it will not work. You may think it has damages beyond repair as the unit doesn’t respond to any temperature. Please do not throw away your thermometer. The defects are easy to clear, and the process is simple.

Reset your gadget by pressing the power button. Count to five and release the button. You will have solved the issue. If this reset process doesn’t solve the problem, contact your supplier or the company’s customer support for technical assistance. It could be an outdated technology that needs a unit replacement.

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