Is The Vitamix FoodCycler Worth It?

You are looking for a food cycler and want to settle on Vitamix FoodCycler. So, is the Vitamix FoodCycler worth it?

Vitamix FoodCycler comes to you from Vita-Mix Corporation. When it comes to kitchen appliances, the manufacturer is a top and trusted brand.

The machine is a waste management appliance mainly used indoors in modern kitchens. Vitamix FoodCycler is efficient, easy to operate, and robust equipment with modern features to take care of your kitchen waste.

With the equipment in your kitchen, you can transform food scraps into valuable organic fertilizer with the touch of the power button for your backyard garden. The compost cycler unit comes as a compact countertop bin that can reduce the food waste into fertilizer within 24 hours.

Read more about this incredible food cycler and find out how it operates. We will unpack for you the benefits, cons, and answer possible questions like whether it is a worthy kitchen appliance to possess or not.

How Does The Vitamix FoodCycler Unit Work?

A Vitamix FoodCycler unit comprises an electrical unit with a power cable at the back to plug into a power source. It has got a carbon filter, coolant, grinder, and a dryer feature. The carbon filter chamber’s purpose is to sanitize and eliminate the compost odor. 

Vitamix FoodCycler grinder compartment is the central part of the unit. It combines the heat and agitator’s ability to grind the food scraps speedily.

Once the unit grinds the scraps, the dryer pulverizes the compost and dehydrates it through aeration. Within hours, you can empty your bin in your garden as the compost is ready for use.

Vitamix FoodCycler process does not involve any chemical procedure, and so it is the safest composter system around. 

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What Can I Put In My Vitamix FoodCycler?

With a Vitamix FoodCycler, you can put in any organic waste from your kitchen. You do not require any water or chemicals to activate the process. Here is a list of your ingredients for your Vitamix FoodCycler compost;

  • Fruit peels
  • Vegetable waste
  • Fish and chicken bones
  • Shells
  • Leftover food
  • Coffee grounds
  • Dry leaves
  • Dairy waste

When adding in your food waste, the noteworthy point is to avoid rough scraps as these could break or slow down your Vitamix FoodCycler. These include;

  • Big and hard bones
  • Peach, apricot or and avocado pits
  • Pineapple leaves
  • Coffee pods
  • Greasy and oily food

Also, pick out inorganic materials such as cutlery, plastics, and stones. These will damage your Vitamix FoodCycler’s grinder beyond repair. Besides, such materials interfere with the warranty on the machine.

If your composter breaks sown due to the inorganic material, the manufacturer will not be liable. You will have to replace the broken parts at your cost.

Advantages Of The Vitamix FoodCycler

Is the Vitamix FoodCycler worth it? The answer to this question diverges from the benefits that you get from smart technology.

Vitamix FoodCycler is one of the most incredible kitchen hacks of modern-day waste management processes. It is a small and compact appliance, but its benefits are countless.

If you wonder what you will benefit from Vitamix FoodCycler, here is the value;

Perfect Solution To Your Left Over Food Waste

If you live in places where the garbage trucks are not regular in collecting waste, you may have to put up with stinking food bits in your kitchen.

A Vitamix FoodCycler will come in handy to fix the mess. You will throw in the waste and digest them at your convenience. 

No odors and noise

Odors attract rodents, flies, and other creeping insects. Your kitchen waste is one of the sources of odor at home.

It requires a well-made composter to maintain a clean kitchen free from odors. That’s why indoor use food cyclers should come with odor filters. 

Vitamix FoodCycler comes with a unique carbon filter lid whose purpose is to suck off a bad smell from the decomposing kitchen waste you toss in the bin. 

Also, some food cyclers in the market do not grind stuff quietly. Vitamix comes with a noise reduction and antivibration feature that allows you peace of mind.

If you are looking for a quiet composter that will also reduce odor, it’s a deal with Vitamix FoodCycler.

Ready And Safe Organic Compost Manure

Vitamix FoodCycler provides your vegetable garden with ready organic compost. The carbon lid filter sanitizes the mixture and provides you with chemicals and bacteria-free compost.

Speeds Up Composting Of Food Waste

Vitamix FoodCyclers are known for their super-speed in grinding and processing food wastes. The appliance works on your waste within three to eight hours, depending on the quantity of waste you toss in.

It comes with various automatic press buttons for starting, resetting, and stopping the machine.

Composting Made Safe

Vitamix FoodCycler makes your composting process safe. The electric gadget grinds and dries your compost safely without the risk of contamination from rotting food waste. It also comes with a straightforward user’s instructions manual for;

  • Cleaning
  • Filter change and resetting
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Safety precautions
  • Operating instructions, etc.
  • Composting Doesn’t Stop Because It is Winter

A regular composter stops working in cold winter. The reason is that the unit freezes until when sunshine is back.

With a Vitamix FoodCycler, nothing stops because it is winter. Vitamix FoodCycler operates from the countertop or corner of your kitchen and doesn’t experience freezing weather.  

  • Saves You Money

The initial cost of acquiring a Vitamix FoodCycler seems high, but it is a cheaper option in the end. You reduce the amount of money you pay to the refuse handlers. With a Vitamix FoodCycler, you make significant savings on your resources. 

  • Space Saver

Vitamix FoodCycler comes in a sleek and compact design. That makes it possible to fit at a corner of your countertop or in a cabinet. It fits everywhere and just needs one cubic foot of space & a power outlet.

If the need arises, you can even carry it outdoors or stack it in your car boot during travels. It will do smart work for you and benefit you immensely.

Disadvantages Of The Vitamix FoodCycler

The major disadvantage with a Vitamix FoodCycler is the initial cost of acquiring the appliance. It requires you to plan your finances.

Once you obtain the gadget, it is all smiles for you. You will never lack compost manure on your doorstep. But let’s see the other disadvantages of this home appliance;

Noisy Appliance

Some people find Vitamix FoodCycler is noisy. The noise is due to the grinding process. It may be minimal but irritating to you and your neighbors. That is if you live in a condo or apartment.

Also, if you enjoy quiet times or have babies who get irritated by noise, this will disappoint.

Electric Operated Appliance

Another drawback of this stunning apparatus is that it is electric-operated. You will find it unsuitable if your area often experiences power outages.

A Vitamix FoodCycler will not function unless you have a power backup. 

Also, electrically operated apparatus comes with extra maintenance costs on the electric parts. That means you dig deeper into your wallet, especially if the repairs come unexpectedly and do not fall under warranty specifications.

Change Of Filter

Vitamix Food-cycler will require you to change the filter after every three to four months. Failure to change the filter will cause a hell of an odor in your kitchen. 

Limited Output

If you are looking for a sizeable composting unit, Vitamix FoodCycler will not be ideal. It’s a small unit that fits small quantities of food waste and also gives a limited output.

It may not be suitable for a busy kitchen, like a restaurant where you have a pile of peelings, vegetable, and food waste. 

Is The Vitamix FoodCycler Worth It?

Vitamix FoodCycler is worth every penny. The machine transforms the way you handle garbage in your homestead. If you would like to save money, this is an outstanding appliance to help you realize your goals.

First, you save on the dollars you pay to the garbage collectors by downsizing your waster. 

Secondly, you get free compost manure safe from contamination. It is a fact that you spend a lot of cash to buy fertilizers for your garden.

With this extraordinary apparatus, you will no longer require to purchase manure or inorganic fertilizers. You can also mint some dollars from the sale of organic compost manure to your gardening neighbors.

Additionally, Vitamix FoodCycler allows you to prepare nutrient-rich organic compost. Also, the system works with zero chemicals and additives that could turn out to be toxic to your soil. With the unit, you have the best DIY organic fertilizer at the back of your kitchen. 

Bottom Line

To sort out your kitchen waste and still benefit from it, you require an ideal food cycler. You could opt for an outdoor compost system, but the benefits that come with a Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 are countless.

From saving your dollars to getting rid of odors and pests to sorting your vegetable garden with safe organic manure.  

The apparatus is easy to use, safe, portable, and grinds your compost within a day. Also, you will use the food cycler throughout the seasons regardless of the season. Nothing stops you from acquiring this great apparatus for your kitchen!

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