How to sharpen Cuisinart ceramic knives? 5 Important Tools and Using Methods

Do you love working with a sharp kitchen knife? Can you remember when you came home late and needed to work with a sharper knife to chop your food? You were delighted to see how it was easier and safer to use sharp Cuisinart ceramic knives. So, regardless of your knife’s model, you must sharpen it after prolonged use.

Gladly, it is simple to sharpen these kinds of knives. All you need is to follow the right procedure keenly, and you are good to go. Keep reading to understand more.

You need a sharpening stone to sharpen your Cuisinart ceramic knives. The stone has different grit compared with various types of sharpening tools. This will hone your knife blade properly. 

With the sharpening stone ready with you, now use the guides below.

Guide to using sharpening stone to sharpen Cuisinart ceramic knives:

  1. Sharpen your knife blade from one side to the other. To have perfect results, make sure both sides are evenly sharpened.
  2. Follow the instructions from the sharpening stone manual properly. Different stones are used differently. So taking your time to read directions will be of good help to you.
  3. Test the blade’s sharpness. Here, you can use a food item or piece of paper before working with the knife. This will assist you in understanding whether you need additional work or the sharpening process was excellent.
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Can you sharpen Cuisinart ceramic knives?

Yes, you can. And here is what many people are working on to get the right way they can sharpen their ceramic knives. Ceramics is one of the black sheep materials in the cutlery industry. Many people like to use it in the kitchen. I am also fond of it as well.

If you have experience using a blunt knife like me, you understand how this is irritating. The situation will require you to spend more time and a lot of force at the chopping board. Again you may be forced to cut uneven pieces or run the soft fruits.

Why, then, stay frustrated with a dull blade? A Cuisinart ceramic knife is one of the greatest investments ever. The knife is well known for its durability and sharpness. So follow my step-by-step guide to understand how you can sharpen your Cuisinart ceramic knives.

5 Necessary Tools to Sharpen Your Cuisinart Ceramic Knives:

  • Electric knife sharpener
  • Sharpening rod
  • Tool sharpener and sharp work knife
  • Fine diamond stone
  • Sandpaper

Explanation of these tools with an example

I will discuss these tools further and how they operate. These are the recommended tools when you need to sharpen Cuisinart ceramic knives. They will ease your work, particularly when you do not understand how you can sharpen your ceramic knives.

Essential methods of using sharpening Tools:

Use of electric knife sharpener

This electric knife sharpener is the best tool when you need to sharpen a ceramic knife. Diamond abrasive is the best tool to invest in to remove nicks faster. A good example of this electric sharpener you can consider for your Cuisinart ceramic knives is Kyocera. This tool does not need experience or special sharpening skills. It is easy to operate this sharpener.

Besides, it has guide slots, indicator lights, and help rollers that provide controlled pressure and sharpening.

How does an electric knife sharpener work?

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First, you must clean your ceramic knife. No food should be left on the blade to ensure it is sharpened well. Choose a flatboard or a table surface for tool replacement. Make sure the surface is stable to prevent accidents.

The other step is connecting your Cuisinart knife sharpener to the power source. Setting your knife to the sharpening space is recommended. Ensure the blade edge is touching the sharpening stone perfectly before you begin the process.

After putting your blade properly, you must ensure your machine is turned on. Slide your ceramic knife through this stone. Then sharpen your blade on both sides. Check to investigate whether the edge is sharper than you desire. Later take a step to turn off the machine.

Confirm whether the ceramic knife is sharp enough. You can repeat the whole process to get to your sharpness. The ceramic-friendly sharpener is essential to ensure your knife is not damaged.

Use of sharpening Rods

In comparison to electric knife sharpeners, the sharpening rods are less convenient. However, they are simple to use though you need to ensure it is made of diamond steel.

Sharpening rods are very light compared to sharpening tools. They are easy to handle and thus need less effort to sharpen.

How do sharpening Rods work?

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First, you need to hold the sharpening rod handle upright or horizontally.

Then strike a ceramic knife blade against the rod thrice to four on each side.

Use of tool sharpener and work sharp knife

This is one of the heavy-duty machines that sharpen ceramic knives. The tool is lined with a replaceable belt with abrasive grit. Also, it is good for anyone who has two ceramic knives.

Therefore, make sure to invest in a sharp knife for sharpening various blades. Many people perceive this machine as complicated, though it does not need more skill to operate.

How does it work

Make sure your ceramic knife is clean, and slide it on the sharpening cassette. Next, you can begin to sharpen your knife from the right side. Squeezing a power switch will help you pull the cutter straight and steadily along your sharpening tool to the blade.

With at least five strokes, you can pull your ceramic knife. This process should be repeated using your sharpening cassette on the left side.

Sharpening Diamond Stone

A diamond sharpener is the best and standard method to sharpen your ceramic knives. They operate with levels of grit that include; 1500, 1000, 600, and 200 grit.

It is possible to move from different levels of grit when sharpening your knife. Various grit stones will help your ceramic knives to have a smooth sharp blade.

How does Sharpening Diamond Stone work?

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Ensure the ceramic knife is clean and the ceramic blade has no food derbies. Ensure to pass every side of the ceramic knife blade over the stone.

Before you move up to the other grit levels, passing it over 200 grit diamond stones is required. For home cooking, you need 100 grit, and for blade sharpening, 1500 grit.


The process of using sandpaper is the most accessible and affordable way you can use to sharpen a Cuisinart ceramic knife.

How to use Sandpaper:

  • You require your knife to clean before sharpening it with sandpaper.
  • Consider laying this sandpaper on the counter or flat table.
  • You must drop water drops on the sandpaper to ensure it is wet. This will assist you in making sure the ceramic knife blade is sliding on the wet edge as you continue with your sharpening.
  • Next, hold the ceramic knife using the handle and sweep its edge across this sandpaper. With an angle of 20 degrees, you can move the blade. More pressure is not necessary when the sandpaper is used to sharpen your knife.
  • Repeat this procedure for the two sides of your blade for proper sharpening.
  • It is important to ensure there is enough time while sharpening your ceramic knife with sandpaper. The reason is that it is time-consuming.
  • Following the above steps, you can ensure your Cuisinart ceramic knife is in good condition. Also, you need to be more cautious when dealing with sharp objects.

Can You Sharpen Cuisinart Colored Knives

Many people who own a set of Cuisinart-colored knives wonder whether it is possible to sharpen them. The knives lose their edge over a period of time, just like others. So sharpening is necessary for this product.

You can consider important things at your place to ensure it is always in good shape and color. With much attention and care, you can ensure your colored knives are working and looking like new. There are important things you can consider before sharpening your Cuisinart-colored knives.

Know the type of steel for your knives

This is one of the important steps you require to check before sharpening your knives. Cuisinart provides both stainless steel knife and carbon options. Both require various sharpening methods. After knowing the steel, your knife is made of, you can move on to choose the best sharpening method.

Honing rod

Honing rod is the best method to sharpen knives made from carbon steel. This is a cylindrical, long piece of steel that can realign your knife blades. In a sweeping motion, run your knife blade along the length of this rod. Do it evenly on all sides to maintain the blade balance.

Sharpening stone

The other option you can choose to sharpen knives made of stainless steel is the use of sharpening stone. These stones come in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you need to pick the one that is good for your knives.

Run the steel blade if your knife is needed. This should be along the stone surface using a sweeping motion. This requires it to be done on both sides evenly to maintain its balance.

Maintaining the edges

After selecting the best method of sharpening your knives, edge maintenance is needed. So regular sharpening and honing are necessary. So, your Cuisinart-colored knives will appear and look new for many years.

Safety Tips for Sharpening Your Knives

Cuisinart knives are among the safest tools when respected and properly used. Nonetheless, there are safety measures you need to check while sharpening. Keep reading.

Keep Your Knife Sharp Always

The most important safety tips for the knife are to avoid dull knives while cutting ingredients. Working with dull knives will require you to apply more force. This can easily make you lose control.

So be sure to keep your Cuisinart knife safe and sharp by sharpening its edge. A sharp knife will not slip when cutting something. Also, you will remain in control while preparing your ingredients.

Avoid Handing a Knife to Someone

It is recommended not to hand a knife to someone else. Otherwise, you must wrap your hand to help the other person safely grab the handles.

However, in all circumstances, you must avoid handing it to anyone. Instead, lay it down and let them pick it up on their working surface.

Avoid Catching a Falling Knife

Don’t try to catch the knife when dropped down. Allow it to fall on the surface. It can get damaged, but it is otherwise good since you will not get injuries on your hands when trying to grab it.

Choose The Right Suitable Knife for Your Assigned Task

It is possible to have knives of all sizes and shapes in your kitchen. Knowing the one that is good for your task is essential.

Make sure the size of your knife is proportional to the ingredients you are cutting. Also, the blade edge is vital to consider. This can help you to carry out your task without struggle.

Use Your Knife Properly

Besides choosing the best blade, you must understand how to use and hold your knife properly. Make sure to have a secure grip on the handle of your knife. Using an index and the thumb to grasp the blade’s sides is important. This will assist you in maintaining better control of your knife.

Cut Your Ingredient with Ease

Never cut your food in a rush. Take your time, especially when you are new to working with such a knife. Also, pay more attention to what you are doing.

By any chance, when there is a distraction, put the knife down. Then finish with distraction and come back to your cutting task.

Always Keep Your Knives Clean

Always keep your knives clean. Avoid cross-contamination by all means. Make sure not to throw your dirty knives into the dishwasher. Instead, wash them with your hands. When washing, make sure the blades are facing away from you.

Have Nice Storage of Your Knives

Store your knife well to avoid accidents. You can use a magnetic board, tray, knife holder, or any dedicated drawer for storage. Make sure they are not stored together with other utensils. It is important to note that dull knives are more dangerous than sharper ones.

Are Cuisinart colored knives dishwasher safe?

Not putting your colored knives in a dishwasher while washing is well advised. This is because it is not safe. The best Cuisinart knives are costly and therefore require regular maintenance. Doing this work manually is more challenging.

Also, putting a Cuisinart knife in a dishwasher can ruin it faster due to harsh chemicals, water exposure, and scraping on surfaces and other utensils.

The reason why colored knives rust in the dishwasher

There is a great misconception that colored knives are dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, different types of knives are susceptible to rusting as long as they are made of steel.

Placing your dishwasher in a dishwasher, they become exposed to detergent after being submerged in water. This can cause corrosion. Besides, this can lead to rustiness or dullness. To avoid all this happening, wash your Cuisinart knives by hand.

Does washing Cuisinart-colored knives in the dishwasher lead to dullness

It is possible to get your knife sharpness affected by dishwashers. The hash detergent and high temperatures can also cause the blade steel to be less effective after breaking down.

The blade quality can go down from the dishwasher method. Chemicals and water can corrode the blade metal, making it susceptible to wear and rust.

However, you can use a low heat setting when washing your knives in the dishwasher. Avoid hash detergent as well.

How to hand wash your Cuisinart knife

After using your Cuisinart knife, you need to rinse off food scraps. A soft sponge and mild dish soap are required for such work. You should avoid soaking your knives since it can cause rust. After rinsing off the soap, wipe it dry with a cotton cloth. After that, you can put it in its storage container or a box.

It is necessary to note that chances of rusting can occur when you leave your knives to air dry. Also, this can stain or tarnish the blade regardless of its material.

Following the above sharping method, you will get a better chance to use your knives for longer. Sharpening your Cuisinart ceramic knives will ensure the edge razor is sharp, which helps this essential kitchen tool last for years.